New Website – New Markets – Same Great Team!

Today as we launch the refresh of our website we celebrate a new era at PictureU! Since 1998 we’ve been innovators in the use of imaging solutions and data capture technologies at events and experiences around the globe (mostly North America). So what is it about this new website that ushers in a new era at PictureU? Aside from the new look, you’ll notice that we’re actively entering a couple of new markets. Why are we doing this? Where do we go from here? First, let me back up a bit.

In 2008 we found ourselves taking pictures of families with Santa at over 50 stores nationwide. To say the least, that was an exhilarating time around here! It was no small feat to literally go from zero Santa programs to serving half a million people at nearly 60 locations across all USA time zones. Fast-forward to 2014 and we just wrapped up a phenomenal year at some 90 locations serving more than 1.2 million families for Easter, Halloween, & Santa. In a relatively short period of time we have become of the nation’s largest seasonal imaging companies. The growth has been steady and controlled yet every year we’ve learned a little more and tried some new things.

Our vision is to “Create and capture life’s most meaningful experiences for people. Everywhere”. What’s next with our mission to becoming the world’s premier consumer imaging & branding company? How do we enrich more lives and to help our partners grow their brands? For the last several months we’ve been quietly designing and building a new product offering for two key market segments:

1) Attractions (including zoos, aquariums, museums, theme parks, etc…)
2) Competitions (Cheer & Dance but also just about any action / sports competition event).

Before we considered expanding our services, we asked ourselves this key question: Can we leverage our experiences, infrastructure, and technologies to make a significant contribution to the market?

We’ll tell you more about what we’re doing and how we’re doing it in the days ahead. In the meantime, we’re super thrilled to be expanding in 2015 and looking forward to an amazing few years ahead. Our team is committed to doing some really unusual and cool things in these new markets while continuing to drive innovation and growth in our Experiential, Convention & Trade Show, & Seasonal & Holiday verticals.

Want to learn more? Contact Us and we’ll quickly get back to you.

Walt Geer / CEO



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